Op-Ed: How artificial intelligence will redesign the world – by digitaljournal.com

Sydney – The mega-hype surrounding artificial intelligence includes geopolitical, social, economic and many other factors. It’s starting to look, however, like artificial intelligence will spring more than a few unexpected surprises on the world, and soon. Read more

Today’s Big Thing, “Big Data”: What You Need to Know

It is projected that by 2020, 1.7 megabytes of data will be generated for every person in the world, every single second; and the proportion of data that needs to be protected is growing faster than the digital universe itself. All the data coming in large volumes from different places is called Big Data. Big data... Continue Reading →

Removing the dread from debt

READ is a US-based long macro income growth asset manager that disrupts the traditional student loan industry by providing unique refinancing solutions to consumers that lead to better socio-economic outcomes. READ has conducted an indicative survey with our target audience in the US and an overwhelming 71% believe our suggested solution is providing an interesting alternative to... Continue Reading →

#Teleoperating #robots with virtual reality

#Teleoperating #robots with virtual reality: Many manufacturing jobs require a physical presence to operate machinery. But what if such jobs could be done remotely? This week researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) presented a virtual-reality (VR) system that lets you teleoperate a robot using an Oculus Rift headset ... >>> http://ow.ly/SaMV30fFtk3


Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, you will have undoubtedly heard the amazing wireless charging news from Apple. Apple have not only integrated wireless charging into their new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but will a) make all their future devices wireless charging compatible (phones, watches etc.) and allow... Continue Reading →

Apple ARKit – a step forward for Augmented Reality

The Apple ARKit is an important step forward in Augmented Reality. Google’s Project Tango does not really accelerate, although it came announced and started 3 years ago. Google AR tools and their features are not on many phones and haven’t the required acceptance. Apple starts with other possibilities, no additional hardware is necessary. Developers started... Continue Reading →

Phone 8 Rumors That Will Make Your Current Smartphone Jealous.

Guest article by Antoine Pindrys - wiksta.com Apple has some plans. Big Plans. And they should. The 10th anniversary of the iPhone is just around the corner, meaning millions of Apple fanboys, and tech addicts will be waiting with mouths foaming as the iPhone 8 is announced and released into this apocalyptic world. As with every... Continue Reading →

Snap’s Spectacles arrived in Europe

Finally the long waiting for a passionate Snapchatter has an end. Last Friday morning Snapbots came to Paris, London, Barcelona and Venice. A Snapbot is a bright yellow vending machine that lands in random places in cities one day at a time. There you can get your Snap Spectacles. The glasses are also available online... Continue Reading →

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