SHOPBEEKN: SOME ACTUAL USE CASES RETAIL: From in-store coupons delivered via beacons to customer phones, to collecting data to run personalized loyalty programs and ad campaigns, retailers are the first obvious market for shopbeekn. PAYMENTS: This links up to retail, but also has the potential to become extremely pervasive. The idea is that shopbeekn can... Continue Reading →

TRAVEL SMART WITH SHOPBEEKN codeparc is currently testing new services based on its shopbeekn system for airports.shopbeekn will assist you everywhere - from the store to the lounge to the baggage claim. The data that could be collected includes: Behavior Analytics (@ Airport) – Footpath – Consumer Pattern Purchasing Activity – Consumer Promo Redemptions (@... Continue Reading →


Apple launched iOS 7.1 and with it a major, game-changing improvement to iBeacon. With iOS 7.1 your application will listen for beacons even if it was hard closed. The user can still opt out by turning off “location permission” under settings, can turn Bluetooth off, or can delete your app entirely. After opening an iBeacon... Continue Reading →

DER NEUE KICK BEIM SHOPPEN Sonntagszeitung / 23. März 2013 - Die Apple-Ortung iBeacon navigiert Kunden in Innenräumen zu passenden Angeboten – bald auch in der Schweiz. Michael Rava drapiert zu Demozwecken drei streichholzschachtelkleine Dinger, sogenannte Beacons, auf zwei Sessellehnen und einen zwei Meter entfernten Tisch. Dann geht der CEO der Firma Codeparc mit seinem... Continue Reading →

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