Chargifi – wireless power – at Swiss Professional Media AG

Chargifi Switzerland brings intelligent, wireless power to the meeting room of Swiss Professional Media in Basel (Switzerland) and Medical Tribune in Wiesbaden (Germany). We made the installation just some weeks ago and are very pleased to get very positiv feedback almost every single day since then. There are more than 7 billion mobile phones and... Continue Reading →

Südwestdeutsche Medienholding Executive Meeting Sonthofen (Germany)

At the 2017 executive meeting in Sonthofen WION GmbH had the opportunity to present it’s portfolio. WION is part of the Swiss Professional Media (Basel, Switzerland) and of the Südwestdeutsche Medienholding (SWMH - Munich, Germany). The holding unites several dozens companies in the field of publishing, radio stations, marketing companies and tech enterprises. WION had... Continue Reading →

Audi VR Experience let you drive in a Sandbox Enter Sandbox is a current Audi marketing campaign by agency Pol in Norway. This VR experience brings you back to your childhood, when you built sandpits, tunnels and mountains in the sand and explored the tracks with your matchbox cars. The Audi experience invites participants to re-build a track in a sandbox. The sand... Continue Reading →

WION GmbH becomes a member of the global VR/AR Association

WION is pleased to announce that it has become the newest member of the global VR/AR Association. Both the VR/AR Association and WION are dedicated to fostering growth in the virtual reality and augmented reality industries. As a member, WION will participate in the Association's iniatives by which WION will be connected with VR AR... Continue Reading →

Cloud Computing – einfach erklärt

Cloud Services sind im Rahmen der digitalen Transformation eine Basis, um das Entwickeln neuer Geschäftsideen und die Vernetzung weiter voran zu treiben. Bereits viele Unternehmen, noch vor gewisser Zeit skeptisch eingestellt, beanspruchen Cloud Dienstleistungen. Andere befinden sich in der Phase der Evaluierung oder Planung. Deshalb möchte ich in einer kurz gefassten Definition auf den Unterschied... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Applied to Big Data

Traditional analytics tools are not well suited to capturing the full value of big data. The volume of data is too large for comprehensive analysis, and the range of potential correlations and relationships between disparate data sources are too great for any analyst to test all hypotheses and derive all the value buried in the data.

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