Audi VR Experience let you drive in a Sandbox

Enter Sandbox is a current Audi marketing campaign by agency Pol in Norway.

This VR experience brings you back to your childhood, when you built sandpits, tunnels and mountains in the sand and explored the tracks with your matchbox cars.

The Audi experience invites participants to re-build a track in a sandbox. The sand gets scanned by a depth-sensing camera. From there a virtual world will be rendered. The capacity of an infrared camera measures with short bursts of infrared light every little bump, pit and curve. At least all the data is used to create a 3D model that gives the virtual landscape.
Once the virtual track is made, the driver sits in a VR chair, wearing a Oculus Rift headset and afterwards enters the virtual world just built.

The driver gets a real-life drive in an Audi Q5, also supported by the actual sound of this type of car.

100% fun. – Well done.

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