Influence Marketing

InfluenceMarketingInfluence Marketing is quite popular nowadays. Properly made it’s marketing on a high level.

The important fact as in any other marketing discipline, stands with a clear and suitable strategy.
Not every influencer even one with a very high reputation seems to be the right one for your brand, product or business.

For this reason I recommend the following procedure:

#1 Analyse your audience

When you find people gaining advantage from your services or products, you recognize users with more influence. This means people, in which other people trust – persons with a reputation. Often they used to be actors or athletes. These well known people still hold a strong recognition. But there is a new important group – people who are active on social media and blogs.

#2 Get in touch with influencers

Word of mouth recommendations spread online fast. That’s good. Nevertheless Jay Bear’s statement should be helpful: „True influence drives action, not just awareness.“ Because that’s what we need – action!
Get in touch with influencers by doing research. Social media monitoring gives you the possibility to find advocates for your business.
Use the help from blogger outreach tools. Influencer targeting will be easier with them.

#3 Give something back

You can politely ask an influencer for his or her help but it needs more commitment. Like a commission for the clients they bring to your business, giveaways or discount. But also a „Thank you“ on their platform may be a great value for them.
Book recommendation:

„Influence Marketing“ by Danny Brown – Sam Fiorella
How to Create, Manage, and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media Marketing.

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