Content ist King!


This is not at all new. We used (or still do it) to buy magazines at the news stall. While reading a magazine, we accept advertisement, but we read them for the content.

The internet began to stir in the soup, pushed good and substantial content. Especially Google rewards strong content with a good ranking place.

Tips – how you come along with good content:

#1 Use w-questions.

Who is your audience?
What moves your potential customers?
What are they interested in?
What are their Google and Co. search terms?
What articles should a print magazine include, if this would be your container?

#2 Entertain – pictures may help.

Images, videos, how-to-instructions, infographics are often stronger as too much text.

#3 Tell a story.

Easy to say – difficult to do. Not really. Keep going. As more as you exercise, you will be able to fulfill a good story, wich means a narrative with a highlight, started by a captivating headline. Certainly this means not to invent fairy tales about dry facts. But rather to light on logic and conclusion in a clear matter.

#4 Work with professionals.

Sometimes it can be useful to hire a journalist. Someone who is familiar by processing content, to do research for a targeting group.

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Entrepreneur, Investor, Experienced Marketeer, Brand/Retail Expert, Social Media Visionary, Strategist for Future Tech Trends, Keynote Speaker

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