Avegant Glyph – for film enthusiasts – like me 🙂

Mobile World Congress 2017 Barcelona nominated among other wearable mobile technology the Avegant Glyph as wearable device to know.

Designed for media consumption, comes the Glyph along with a combination of headphone and headset. Watching movies or gaming with the Glyph is like watching TV on a 65-inch screen. I would recommend this new gadget for film enthusiasts and travelers. The mini-TV becomes plugged with a HDMI cable. You can connect it to your phone. The Avegant Glyph functions with sort of a „screenless display“ (so called by Avegant) – the picture you see, is a low-powered light reflected by two millions of tiny mirrors. The projection comes directly into your eyes, but no worries, you can watch for as long as you like (the power gives you a neatly 4 hours run) without eye irritation.

Alternatively the Glyph can also be used for drone flights and 360-degree- and 3D-Videos.

The Glyph is an imperfect product (like all the first versions are), but don’t change that channel. There’s impressive technology here!

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