Chargifi’s IoT Platform to Support Wireless Charging on a Global Scale

Chargifi’s IoT Platform to Support Wireless Charging on a Global Scale
Over the past four years, we have worked tirelessly to help make wireless power an everyday reality. For us, that vision starts when you are on the go. We all know where to charge at home, but we’re often desperate for an outlet in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, airports, stadiums, and even the office conference room.

Now, deploying and managing 20 wireless charging transmitters in public locations is one thing, deploying thousands over hundreds of locations is another. That’s why Chargifi has developed a game-changing IoT platform to deploy, monitor and monetise wireless power. Drawing upon our own experience as a premier implementer of wireless power, we are releasing our networked service tools so that Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can deliver best-in-class wireless charging to their clients.

Public charging hotspots need to be robust to meet the high demand for charging. The Chargifi platform reports vitals and usage metrics on charging hotspots in real-time, and our self-healing technology can fix transmitters remotely. This reduces the need for expensive truck-roll, and helps service providers meet and exceed their service level agreements.

Chargifi’s smart IoT platform turns wireless power into a service, adding value for manufacturers, managed service providers, venues and users alike.

Without Chargifi the first person to know about a user experience problem is the venue’s guest. With Chargifi, problems are resolved automatically before customers or their guests are even aware of them.

Without Chargifi, it is impossible to prove a return on investment in wireless charging to venues. With Chargifi, MSPs now have the data they need at their fingertips to adopt a truly consultative approach to sales, becoming a “trusted guide” to clients as they deploy wireless charging.

This platform grew out of our own need for robust and scalable public wireless charging deployments. For a year now, we have been its biggest user, employing it to deploy and monitor wireless charging sites in the UK and six other markets around the world. Now we’re releasing it to you.

One of our partners is codeparc/WION, a systems integrator in Switzerland, who have been using our platform for a few months. CEO/CMO and tech entrepreneur Michael Rava says that Chargifi’s software first approach to wireless charging was a key factor for partnering with Chargifi:

“At codeparc/WION, we’re playing our part in making wireless power as widely available as WiFi is today. In the early days of WiFi you could get away with installing an access point in a university or hotel with little or no management or control over that access point.

As WiFi’s adoption exploded so did the demand for WiFi to be a robust and ubiquitous utility in every public location. The scale that WiFi has achieved has only been made possible because companies like Meraki (acquired by Cisco in 2011 for $1.2bn) and Aruba (acquired by HP in 2015 for $3bn) built enterprise software tools to enable companies like Codeparc to manage, monitor and monetise WiFi.

Chargifi is doing the same thing for wireless power – without tools like Chargifi – wireless power will not scale in public spaces. I’m confident to be jumping into such an exciting market with Chargifi’s platform.” – Michael Rava

If you are an MSP, systems integrator, or a vendor who sees the huge opportunity in wireless charging, get in touch with us. We’d love to share more about how Chargifi can help your deployments succeed and demonstrate real value for you and your clients.

– Dan Bladen // Co-Founder & CEO, Chargifi.

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