After decades of dreaming, indoor location’s time has come – finaly

iBeacons were introduced by Apple in 2013. Considered as an innovative and creative vehicle to provide customers with helpful informations and to reward the shopping experience. Then Google launched Eddystone, both of which make Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) a standard on virtually every smart device.


The precise information you need, delivered exactly when and where you need it. Personalized engagement and experiences. Easy step-by-step navigation. These are just some of the things you get with indoor location-based services.

After the first hype cooled down, now it’s getting interesting, expectations are in normal shape. – Now marketers are encouraged by valuable trials.

The final catalyst is motivation. Mobile users expect to be delighted by personalized experiences everywhere they go — inside as well as out. And companies want to engage more closely with users on their premises to deliver amazing mobile experiences.

I’m pretty convinced that Beacons will evolve in 2017.

Published by Mike

Entrepreneur, Investor, Experienced Marketeer, Brand/Retail Expert, Social Media Visionary, Strategist for Future Tech Trends, Keynote Speaker

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