These are the technology trends to watch in 2017 …

#1 Snap’s Spectacles pushing into AR

Snap Inc. Spectacles could achieve the next level. Their connected sunglasses will probably not only capture short videos, shareable with a connected mobile device; the next Spectacle glasses will provide the wearer with additional informations. Such as where is the next coffeeshop, text messages, what time it is etc.
#2 VR high quality gear without a cord

Oculus Santa Cruz becomes a competitor when HTC Vive will push a standalone VR head-mounted display, with great power onboard. We should be aware, that HTC’s a strong player in the production of outstanding mobile devices (for example Google Pixel). Therefore they will be able to bring out a high-end VR headset, possibly without a tether among others for a deeper and independent experience.

#3 Facebook offers VR experience

Facebook will offer, well positioned by their Oculus acquisition two years ago, their users VR experience for their social interactions.

#4 VR Access for all through WebVR

Many people gathered already VR experience. But now the increasing mass finds additional access to VR through WebVR. For example Mozilla’s A-Frame open standard, qualifies developers to bring 3D content straight into a browser.

#5 Augmented Reality business carries fruit

Pokémon Go showed us, even when the rush calmed down, that the online market and the users are ready for AR. We will witness successful stories with AR games, advertising, and already existing AR apps developing towards profit.

#6 Live Video Streaming highly in demand

Live streaming enables to take part in-the-moment. Faster internet, omnipresent mobile devices and a large number of streaming platforms and apps are the base of this remarkable online market segment. For example Visbit Inc. in Sunnyvale in tight cooperation with WION llc. for the European Market is building a cloud streaming platform in an outstanding quality, which will provide a magic and optimized VR experience.

#7 Good Data Visualization a market advantage

Data is a market basis. But the problem often is the exact and understandable analysis. With new and more sophisticated technologies we’re entering meaningful and helpful data interpretations in a growing data volume. Evaluated data will be an advantage for any business. There are many interesting companies and startups providing great data visualization tools like Highchart from Highsoft AS.

#8 Native advertising sensible and popular

In the battlefield of gaining consumer attention, native advertising was and is a great value. More and more people ignore forms of classic ads. And yes, native advertising has already a long way behind, however with enhanced and fresher forms this advertising pattern identifies sensible brands and products in 2017.

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