Chennai City Center Mall executives tapped BeaconStream for its proximity-based mobile marketing technology built upon Apple’s iBeacon Bluetooth Light Energy (BLE) capabilities and is the newest digital marketing method to reach consumers where they shop such as the City Center Mall. Beacons will be strategically placed across the mall and will stream information to customers’ smart phones that have downloaded the BeaconStream app. The beacon will be providing information, welcome messages, or any holiday offers created from cloud platform.  City Center will be running special holiday campaigns that will run the full gamete of welcoming shoppers, sending reminders about Valentine’s Day so customers don’t forget to pick up a little gift for that someone special, or direct people towards the mall information desk where they may purchase gift cards and maybe offer a deal/coupon if they so choose. Campaigns will include pictures, videos or general information about the mall and its stores and services. 

The Valentine’s Day holiday promotion is just one example of how BeaconStream’s technology is simple and easy to configure, but can greatly enhance a person’s experience at any event.

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