The Apple Watch is expected to monitor your health and let you buy things with Apple Pay, but it could change the way you shop, too.

codeparc’s shopbeekn-system, which transmit location-based signals when you’re close to them, are the key.

For example, if you walk by a beacon at a museum, it could tell your smartphone to open the museum’s app to the particular exhibit you’re walking by.

Now, we’re starting to get an idea how shopbeekn could work with the Apple Watch to nudge people using certain app.

codeparc, which helps companies develop mobile apps that use beacon technology, has a new software system that can let the Apple Watch do some interesting things with beacons.

So, for instance, you might have a grocery list stored on your phone. When you walk by a beacon in the store, it could send your Apple Watch a little “buzz” alerting you that you’re close to one of the items on your list, and the watch could show a simple “short look” alert.

When you lift your wrist, it would show you the relevant nearby items with a “long look.” If you select it, it could show you the full list.

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