Apple Watch: Tracking Customers

The much-anticipated Apple Watch is set for sometime in March release date. Now, we are all aware of its health-monitoring features but many mobile marketers believe that its real potentials lie elsewhere. The smart watch from Apple is actually good at putting digital ads on your potential customers’ wrists, helping you to better reach your target audience or at least that’s what The Wall Street Journal says …

Apple Watch is integrated with iBeacon technology that will allow the device to constantly scan for Bluetooth devices in nearby locations. As the device identifies a beacon, it will wake up relevant apps on the wearers’ watch, even if it’s closed and not running in the background, to send relevant data and ads including location-specific ads.

“Apple Watch will be able to track its users via Bluetooth signals as they walk around.” – Tim Cook

Apple Pay works on Apple Watch! – However, to tap such huge potentials small businesses need to have proper setups to accept this form of e-payment.

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