codeparc’s beekn control system is the only micro-location platform to offer every tool you need to maintain, measure, analyze and optimize all aspects of your offline location. – From online engagement to offline action.

Reach customers.

You design beautiful campaigns but can’t quantify how many new customers result. Our beekn system provides accurate offline attribution and calculates the lifetime value of customers acquired by each campaign.

You care about optimal information structures and clear directions but can’t quantify how visitors profit and react on your efforts. We provide accurate analytics and statistics on on location behavior so you can better meet the needs of your visitors.

Build loyality.

You’re tasked with increasing customer loyalty, but have no way to measure how initiatives impact anyone who isn’t a loyalty program participant. Leverage the system to measure loyalty of your entire visitor and customer base.

Boost location performance.

You face constant pressure to improve margins, but the sheer volume and complexity of your data make it difficult to understand how one initiative impacts overall sales. Our beekn system allows you to see all performance metrics in one easy aggregated view.

Published by Mike

Entrepreneur, Investor, Experienced Marketeer, Brand/Retail Expert, Social Media Visionary, Strategist for Future Tech Trends, Keynote Speaker

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