About The Opportunity of Beacons

One of the biggest opportunities with beacons is to drive impulse behavior for a consumer, and what better place to drive impulse behavior than in a physical store selling products. Think of it as a push notification or full-screen takeover. You’re in store and you get a ping, you open up your phone and there’s a full-screen advertisement. You can see why a brand would pay big money for that. You’re in their pocket and you’re in their mind.

Beacons are simply another way of messaging a shopper. What’s unique about them is that there’s very high precision in terms of location. When you’re buying mobile display, at best you can get accuracy within 300 feet. With beacons, we can get aisle-level accuracy, so you know that the person is right in front of relevant products.

Published by Mike

Entrepreneur, Investor, Experienced Marketeer, Brand/Retail Expert, Social Media Visionary, Strategist for Future Tech Trends, Keynote Speaker

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